September PACE Character Trait is RESPECT

We are on the lookout for students who are displaying RESPECT. Respect is recognizing, considering and properly honoring the worth of one's self and others. Here are some ways to show respect:
  • Listen. That's why we have 2 ears and one mouth. Sometimes it's best to just use your ears and really listen to what another person is saying. Don't interrupt.
  • Serve. Doing kind deeds for others without asking for anything in return.
  • Be polite. Using your manners. Saying please and thank you. 
  • Show kindness. Be kind to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It's not always easy, especially when you have felt wronged. But kindness always wins. Remember the Golden Rule.
  • Agree to disagree. You won't always share the same opinions with others but you can respect their right to have that opinion.